It must have been around 18:00 last Sunday evening, when Dado entered the room. Signature beard, black curly hair. Just like on the poster. One hand in the air, waving, the other strongly grasping a bottle of Champagne.
So this is Dado, I thought, or maybe just the guy who lended his face for a poster. The artists on display, made Kulter into a sort of Kashba. Colourful drawings, with drapes hanging off the wall. Opposite to that a mega screen, that projected short films about concurring cheese and playing pancake.
I was grasped by the energy, and got more and more curious who Dado actually was. Noone knew so I decided to ask the folksinger, who had just finished playing. It turns out that all art on display was made for Dado, or in honour to him. Dado used to help out at the place, when Kulter wasn’t yet Kulter. The long planned party to thank Dado had been cancelled because the place became rented.
It is a beautiful story, that could serve as a sideline in a Charlie Kaufman script.
I am impressed. Rarely do you see such energetic painting, which is raw and warm at the same time. On the opening night the paintings and drawings were matched by evenly energetic music of Alberto Novello. Novello creates soundscape, with fishbowls and a stone xylophone. Much like ambient, but all analog. It took me back to good old days at the Vrieshuis Amerika (yes I am that old!).
As I come to think of it, I heard Pink Floyd sing a few times: “We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl”. Was that a coincidence? I didn’t feel lost but very much at home.
If Dado exists, he must be a very special person... Go and visit Kulter these weeks: for yourself or for Dado!

FOR DADO | 16<28th January, 2010

Mirdije Sheji [painting] Ella Propeller [installation] Jannemieke Oostra [installation] Robert Dupic [installation] Wolf Aartsen [drawing, performance]
Jacques Wille [performance] Alberto Novello [performance]

7 artists/musicians have been inspired by DADO. The artists have been discussing DADO, this is how they tried to find a common understanding of who/what DADO is. With this knowledge as their inspiration they produced the finest works of art, music and performance.